It's proven!
Giving your customers something they can actually SEE explodes your online sales...

"Finally, You Can Quickly and Easily Publish
Full-Motion Streaming Videos From Your Website
In Just 3 Simple Steps...
Without Any Programming Whatsoever?"

  Enter the location of any video on your hard drive.
  Click a button to convert them in web format.
  Click again to produce the resulting web page.

And that's it! If you ever wanted to add video to your website but felt intimidated by working with multimedia... OR if you're a web expert but wanted a solution that can produce beautiful, high-quality, bandwidth-friendly videos AND does it all in just minutes... then what you're about to learn will blow you (and your website visitors) away...

Tracy Childers
FLV Producer

Are you frustrated trying to figure out how to get your videos online? I was!

I spent hours and hours of research, and wasted so many of them only to find a pitfall of problems down each path I attempted.

I know the feeling. Youíre trying to figure out the conundrum yourself, and then you're faced with all sorts of issues that make your head spin and leave you feeling like you want to pull your hair out. (Sounds familiar?)

You're faced with issues like:

  • What makes your videos look the best? (And make you look good?)
  • What makes them load the fastest? (Slow load times can kill your sales!)
  • Which formats work on any platform so that anyone can see it?
  • Which format is available to most viewers? (More viewers = more sales!)
  • Which formats stream with any connection, so that your visitors ó even the ones with slow, dialup connections ó won't be left out?

And the list goes on and on.

Scary, isn't it?

There are enough legitimate issues and concerns to consider that the common person might be left feeling like a complete and total moron. (Believe me, I've been there!)

Well, itís NOT Your Fault!

Producing Web Videos In A Snap
Has Finally Arrived

The online world has been fighting to come up with the best way to put full motion videos on the web for years. The answer is finally here.

Itís called FLASH VIDEO!

Flash technology has been around for several years, but as the technology has grown, new features have been introduced. Flash Video is one of those break-through technologies and it's here to stay.

Almost everyone with a computer, a browser, an Internet connection can use Flash (and most of them come already installed!) If you saw the video above, you have it, too. It's as simple as that.

There are many reasons that Flash Video has quickly become the winner in the online video world. Consider the following list:

  • FLASH is already a cross-platform technology meaning it will play on both Mac and PC (in other words, any kind of computer can watch it). Your videos will play on approximately 98% of all computers. (And it's growing!)
  • FLASH is widely accepted as the #1 way to deliver multimedia content online. Why? Because it's versatile, easy to use and bandwidth-friendly.
  • The incredible technology will play the videos from any server. (That means NO special hosting account is required... You just upload to your server, and you're done! It's that simple.)
  • The Video Quality is very clear and easy to see. (It's almost CD-like or DVD-like quality... it doesn't make your videos look all fuzzy and hard to see.)
  • Flash Videos load very fast and start quickly (unlike other types of videos, which take forever to load and forces your visitors to leave your website because they got tired of waiting).

Until recently, using Flash was something NOT just anyone could do. It took a special understanding of the Flash Programming technology.

It was reserved for the highly technical geeks.

Now there's a better way...

In Only 3 Steps You Can Have Videos Ready To Stream From Your Website, And Turn Any Dull, Boring Web Page Into An Amazingly Stunning Powerhouse!

Yes, within three simple steps... YOU can take your website from mediocre to amazingly stunning with very little effort on your part. In fact, it only takes 5 minutes or less, depending on the size of your video file! :)

The solution is called "FLV Producer." (FLV stands for Flash Video File, by the way.) And FLV Producer is a powerful yet super-simple-to-use software that can turn any non-geek into a video master overnight!

How simple is it to use? Well, let's look at how simple it really is...

Step #1: Load Your Video

First, you simply select the video file you want to use from your hard drive, and choose an output directory to save the new streaming Flash video file.

FLV Producer can convert any video file in the most popular formats. For example, it currently converts .avi, .mpg, or .wmv format.

If that doesnít mean anything to you, donít worry. Nearly ALL video creating applications create or save videos in those formats. Even a FREE video editing application you have loaded on your computer right now!

Step #2: Convert Your Video

Next, you simply select the details of how you want your video to look. From the size, the speed and the quality. Yup, it's completely customizable!

You have full control over what settings you like to use or Simply Choose from one of the presets in the drop down list. You can even make your own presets.

Once you're done, you simply click on the "encode" button, and in just a few short moments (depending on the size of your video), you're done! Your new video has been converted into the bandwidth-friendly Flash format for you.

Step #3: Make Your Video Web-Ready!

Finally, you select a custom player (that's the interface that looks like a video player which people will view your video from), and produce a Web Page you can simply upload to your server. And that's it! You're done.

At the single click of a button the web page will be produced for you. You can use the HTML page to upload to your web server, or copy the HTML code (if you know a bit of basic HTML, because it's just cut-and-paste), to paste into a web page that you already have.

Isn't that easy? You bet!

But here's something you probably don't know.

FLV Producer has a brand-new, very special feature you won't find on most other software of its kind... and it's one feature that helps...

... Earn You More Money Than
You Can Imagine
With Your Videos!

I know that's a BOLD CLAIM so let me explain. At the single click of a button You can add what is called a Redirect URL. That means you have the ability to "push" people while viewing your video to sales pages that earn you money.

Whether it's an affiliate page, a salesletter, a website with money-making ads, you name it! If you understand the power behind this special feature, you are probably going to go ahead and click on the Order Now Button right now.

Click Here To Order

But if you're unfamiliar with what a Redirect URL is I'll explain further.

After someone has finished watching your video, you can send them to any URL or link on the entire internet. Think about that for a second. ANYWHERE!

How about watching a video about your Product and then the viewer immediately goes to the order page. That's like having someone watch a TV Infomercial and you pick up the phone and dial the Toll Free Number to order for them.

Imagine the implications of this one single feature.

How about pre-selling a product with a video that Redirects the viewer to YOUR Affiliate link. It's as easy as clicking one checkbox and typing in a URL during those 3 simple steps I mentioned earlier. It can't be messed up.

  • What about a product you're selling yourself?

  • What about a web page that promotes something related to your video, such as an upsell or a JV promotion?

  • What about a video review of a product you're an affiliate of, cranking up your chances to earn higher commissions? Much higher?

  • What about a video teaching your customers on how to use your product, where you reduce your refunds like gangbusters?

  • What about sending people to a website with advertising on it, earning you a commission each time they're displayed or clicked on?

  • What about sending people to a landing page with opt-in form to not only build your list but also create a relationship with your list because your video kicks up your credibility by several notches? (Imagine how easy it would then be to sell your list after that? Yup, that much easier...)

And the list goes on... the possibilities are endless!

Here's What You Receive When You Order
Your Own Copy Of FLV Producer

1. The New FLV Producer Application Itself



This is the application that will make it drop-dead simple to convert and encode all of your videos into the Flash Video format. It can convert .avi, .mpg, and .wmv files. And all it takes is 3 simple steps...

Click Here To Order

2. All Six (6) FLV Producer Players Preloaded With Your Software!

You also get all 6 of FLV Producerís exclusive high-quality flash players and skins. You can display your videos in any one of our EXCLUSIVE PLAYERS. Here's a quick look at all six of them...

3. Limited-Time Exclusive Bonus! You Must Hurry To Claim These...

When you order the FLV Producer today, you receive three (3) BRAND-NEW Flash Players or Skins. These are NOT included in your software and come as extras but only if you act quickly. Here's a quick look...

We've been hard at work and have released 8 more BONUS Players. Take a look at what else you get...





Get yours today FREE when you order FLV Producer. Act quickly, and you can...

Claim Your FREE Brand New EXCLUSIVE Flash Players That Work SEAMLESSLY With The FLV Producer!

Click Here To Order

By now you're probably wondering, "how much does it cost to start utilizing FLV Producer to put stunning videos on your web site right now?"

I want you to consider this... There are companies that are charging to convert and encode your video files and put them on your website for you.

It's not uncommon for them to charge $1,000 or even more.

The kicker is you'd have to pay them for every video they encode. That means, if you have 2, 3, 4, 5 or even just 10 small videos, the costs can rack up really fast.

But... When you buy FLV Producer, you're paying for it one time. That's it. No ongoing costs. No hidden fees. No per-use prices.

You can use it as many times as you want for as many sites as you have. It's a standalone tool which will do the same thing these companies are selling as a service, and do all the work in literally a matter of minutes.

Now think about it. How much money will this save you? I know. And I can tell you that, based on the number of videos I've produced, it easily saved me tens of thousands of dollars. Easy.

This tool was created for my business at first.

I needed it because I was sick and tired of trying to find a simple solution that's cheap, fast, and still produces high-quality video that anyone can see ó and not those pixelated, grainy videos that make you look bad.

(You've seen them. Haven't you? I know you have. Trying to make out what they're showing you is worse than being legally blind!)

So FLV Producer was built around what I wanted and needed from an Internet Business point of view. But after I created the software, all my friends kept asking me if I would make one for them, too.

At first, I was obliged. But then, it started to snowball... which is when I decided to create one I can offer to you right now, and produce top-quality videos like the big guns. And since then...

People Have Thanked Me Profusely For
Making It Available...
They Just LOVE It!

In fact, here's what they said...

"I believe you have the ultimate solution for converting files into Flash. So I give it the Highest recommendation. I recommend it to all of my customers and anyone that asks me what the best way to make video files play on the web. It's FLV Producer."

Mike Stewart -

"I often do screen-captures video for my copy critiques with clients, and especially to create multimedia for my salesletters. And hands down, FLV Producer is the richest, easiest and most memory-conservative video producing tool I've ever come across. If you want video with affordable filesizes, done quickly and with rich quality that makes you look good, then I highly recommend FLV producer, especially when you want moneymaking media to balloon your bottom-line!"
Michel Fortin -

"This thing is ridiculously simple to use. I had my kids using it as a matter of fact. We were putting up their videos on their website."

Click Here to See Dave

Dave Bernstein -


"Un-friggin' Believable!"

Your FLV Producer is, to put it mildly, fantastic. I never thought that it could be so easy to get professional quality video on my websites. I'm not a "techno-wiz" by any stretch of the imagination and your ultra simple step by step product was really a godsend. Truth be told, the FLV Producer is better than you say it is, works easier than you say it does and is helping me make more money online.

Dave Dee -

"Tracy, here's a tip going out to my list this week: Quicktime Pro for your Video Podcasts / FLV Producer for Putting the Content at Your Sites."
Paul Colligan -


"I have decided to use Multi-Media from this point on in my marketing and I know it will double my profits in the coming years. I have just about every video tool available to marketers but the one of my choice is your "FLV Producer." In fact, it was instrumental in my launch of my home study course that sold for $997. I used it not only on the sales page, but also during the pre launch phase to help create excitement about the product weeks before it came out. The success of this project would never have been the same with out multi media and your product made it easy for me to get DVD quality videos on my website in under 5 minutes. Any marketer looking to do Multi Media needs this tool in there arsenal right this very second."
Mike Filsaime -

"Tracy -- I wanted to let you know I'm using FLV Producer and loving it!

I'm using it for testimonial videos from our workshop for our next launch."
Dr. Mike Woo-Ming -

"FLV Producer has given me the opportunity to clearly demonstrate the value my seminar can provide to interested prospects, and the impact has been tremendous.

We are now able to easily publish our testimonial videos from attendees who are raving about our event which reduces the amount of ďsellingĒ we have to do. The testimonial videos do all the work and the FLV Producer has made that possible. Itís easy to use and I canít wait to start really incorporating video into all of my marketing."

Stu McLaren -

"I must tell you, I love your FLV Producer. We've been using it post videos of our hurricane Katrina relief efforts. It's so easy to use that we're using it almost every day to post a new Daily Testimonial video on our website. I can't thank you enough for making it so simple to use."
Robert Machen -

"Your new FLV Producer is awesome! There's no other way to deliver fast loading quality video online than using flash video, and FLV Producer converts my AVI's to FLV in seconds... I was about to spend hundreds more on Flash MX and another conversion software, but your simple and easy to use software does that all for me.

 I love it!"

Brett Fogle -

And Here's Where You're Going To
Kick Yourself If You Miss Out...

There are so many uses for this program. It's simply amazing!

Like the people above, I get emails everyday from people telling me how they're using it, how much money it's making them and especially how much money they're saving with it. Here's an example.

One of the methods I used in order to cut down on customer service is the use of video to show people how to use the software itself! But not only that, it educates people on how to use my products...

... And so it reduces refunds to virtually nothing!

(Can you see how this can be powerful in your business?)

Considering that companies can charge $1,000 to do the very same thing that this software does (and sometimes, a lot more than that), if we charged $500 it would simply be a bargain. You only have to pay one time, not for every video.

The good news for you is it doesn't cost $500 nor does it cost $300 nor does it cost $200. In fact, to get get this amazingly powerful yet simple to use software... FLV Producer is a onetime investment of only $149.

And if you're not sure, you have a full 100% Money Back Guarantee.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

"If for any reason in the next 30 days, you are not thoroughly convinced that FLV Producer is the smartest investment you have ever made for yourself, your career, and your online business, just say so, and I'll refund your money on the spot.

No questions asked. No guilt trips. No further explanations will be necessary on your part."

Click Here To Order Right Now!

Video On The Internet Is Booming, And You
Get A Winning Edge Over Your Competitors!

If you don't get started now, you're going to simply fall behind your competitors.

People Like doing Business with People they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

But on the web, you canít see or hear the person youíre doing business with. Youíre forced to buy from a stranger who hides behind their computer. Because of this, many people are too skeptical to ever buy a product online.

Using Video on your website solves this problem.

It lets you build trust when your visitors can see you, hear you and inspect your offering. This results in them wanting to spend their hard-earned money with you... not some other company they'll never even see.

Also, many people on the Internet don't concentrate on branding their company as much as they should. If your customers like you, they will remember you.

They are more likely to come back and buy a product from you again in the future.

That's why it's time to...

... Take Advantage of This Powerful Concept Right Now! Here's How You Can Get Started Immediately

         Click the link below and place your order for FLV Producer...

         Download the software and install it...

         Use our easy-to-use interface and go through a few simple steps...

         Upload the files to your hosting account...

         Watch your customers flock to your site. And that's it!

Download FLV Producer
And Immediately Start Using It Right Now!

(Download Is Available Immediately After Purchase!)

Best of Success,

Tracy Alan Childers

P.S. - Earn a great income by referring others to FLV Producer. We pay you $52.15 for each and every customer you send us. Only FLV Producer customers are eligible for our affiliate program!

(And in fact, the ability to add your affiliate link is already embedded! So when people want to know how YOU produced your beautiful videos using FLV Producer, they can find out more... and if they buy, you get paid! How nice is that?)

P.P.S. - Remember, every minute you wait to get your hands on FLV Producer, is more valuable time you're wasting, simply put... you can't afford to put this off!

Each visitor who has a question, an unanswered objection, a concern, can all be answered in an instant with the power of video! Don't let those customers slip through the cracks! Get FLV Producer today.

P.P.P.S. - If you're still undecided... Click Here To See How Easy It Is!

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